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Residential Design

Explore unlimited possibilities across popular and upcoming designers, from all the sectors of the interior and exterior decoration industry. Top brands unite under one roof with more than 80 experience. Dedicated and experienced staff will work with you from the smallest article or accessory to grand scale designs, always in cooperation with professionals, so that you materialize your ideas and dreams.

Contract Design

On any Specification around the globe, we hold the necessary Certification. We have an archive of more than 200000 patterns in fabrics, curtains, wallcoverings and flooring. We can custom design even from the smallest quantities, without sacrificing quality, technical characteristics and competitive pricing. There is no project big or small we fail to tender, always with the highest standards, guarantees where applicable, swift and synchronized service and with the best ratio in the market between quality and price.

Office Design

We adapt our contract services to meet any profession and the design needs that derive from that. Numerous products can be transformed into decoration articles, but each office, or better each workplace has different characteristics. In most cases proper usage of the material, or product defines the result. We offer solutions in every profession we have come across so far in our 82 years journey. From fashion showrooms and restaurants, to doctor’s offices and car dealerships. Come and share your needs or concerns and let us inspire and guide you.

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